First of all, we would like to send to our customers the respectful greetings, good health and prosperous.

76 Plastic Foam Joint Stock Company was established and put into operation in 1999, we are an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and trading of EPS foam products, Fiberglass composite material, PP woven webbing, Labels ...

1. The most modern, high-precision EPS foam production line is imported from Kurtz - Germany. We are committed to providing the EPS foam products with the highest quality, large quantities and stable inventory. 

2. Beside, we have successfully developed and mastered the technology of manufacturing products from fiberglass composite materials (FRP) with many outstanding features such as: High flexural strength; Good elasticity; Anti-rust and corrosion; Insulation and light weight that can replace a lot of other materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc.

With highly qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and responsible staff and employees, we always try and commit to meet all requirements of our customers in the fastest time.

Our motto is "CHANGE FOR DEVELOPMENT", 76 Plastic Foam Joint Stock Company always sets goals for improvement in processes, working methods as well as always seeking to improve and apply these solutions, new ideas into production practice in order to bring added value to customers.

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